In 2015 I was honored to be appointed by Governor Abbott to serve as Judge of the 61st District Court. I enjoyed serving as a Judge because I felt that I was using my extensive legal experience and other skills to help lawyers and everyday people reach timely conclusions to their legal disputes. During trials and hearings I was able to have genuine conversations about the law and facts in a variety of civil cases. While straight ticket voting cut my judicial service short, I do not believe it is over, which is why I am running to return to the bench as Judge of the 189th District Court.

My judicial philosophy is simple: I believe that a Texas Trial Court Judge should show up to work on time and work full days, allow all parties to be timely heard in person or by phone/video conference, read all submissions before hearings, timely rule on all motions, treat lawyers, jurors and all participants equally and with respect, serve the people with integrity and follow the rule of law. I abided by these principles when I served in 2015-2016 and will do so again.

Support Judge Erin Lunceford today and help her return to the bench as Judge of the 189th District Court.