March 04, 2020 • election

Thanks to everyone who went out and voted in the primary yesterday! Let’s now set our sights on the general election on November 3!


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  1. Photo of Yard signs available - vote on November 3rd!

    Yard signs available - vote on November 3rd!

    September 01, 2020 • election

    It is only 65 days until the election and we have been busy delivering yard signs and sending fundraising emails. If you need a yard sign, just send me an email at erinlunceford@gmail.com, or a Facebook private message. Because Texas no longer has straight ticket voting, I am going to need all my supporters to send emails to all their friends and neighbors, telling them how important it is to vote down ballot for the judges. I am the first District Court race that is contested on your Harris County ballot. I will be sure to post a sample ballot page as soon as they are released. There is still time to donate to my campaign if you are interested, but I really need all your votes. Early voting starts on Tuesday, October 13th, so you will have almost 3 weeks to vote early. Remember, vote Erin Elizabeth Lunceford for Judge of the 61st District Court. I am the most experienced and best qualified in this race!

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